SA Mobile Drug Testing makes drug and alcohol testing far more convenient, efficient and cost effective.

We specialise in on-site testing, providing our services discreetly at your location and at your convenience.

Does your business need help creating / reviewing your drug & alcohol policy or help managing your drug & alcohol testing program in the workplace?

Does your business or someone in your family have a drug or alcohol abuse problem?




SAMDT offer 3 key services – Policy, Prevention & Rehabilitation

  • Highly skilled and qualified staff
  • Bespoke accredited Drug & Alcohol policy
  • Review of existing Drug & Alcohol policy
  • Consultancy with union members

Drug & Alcohol policy should be a component of the business health & welfare policy.

We abide by strict Quality Standards.


  • Awareness, recognition and detection
  • Staff drug education, awareness and drug policy education


  • Screening and risk assessment analysis/risk profiling
  • Detection/Testing Services
  • Unannounced suspicion-based random testing
  • Accredited range of high quality testing products & service specialists
  • Chain of custody procedures, ensuring integrity and transparency
  • Toxicology Laboratory confirmation test results

Our rehabilitation services including:

  • At work programme or home based
  • Certainty In Change Programme (SBERT)
  • Brief Intervention & referral to treatment
  • Integrated medical approach
  • Evaluation, monitoring, aftercare & follow-up

 We also provide Rehabilitation Centre placement.



The societal impact of drug abuse will, at some point, affect your business or home.

Whether you’re a parent, guardian or a business owner, large or small, it is highly likely that you will have to deal with drug and alcohol abuse amongst your family or employees.

We understand that drug testing is an uncomfortable but a very necessary and sensitive part of your business.

SA Mobile Drug testing work hard to make it as discreet as possible for everyone concerned by coming to you where testing can be carried out in the privacy of your own home or office.

We save you valuable time and money by providing quick and discreet testing.

When you call SA Mobile Drug testing you are always treated with respect, dignity, courteously and professionally.

Our staff are all fully trained so that we can meet your needs, promptly and dependably.