A liberal and an independent entrepreneur, Eugene is intent on making the world a better place, for all of mankind. He is an intellectual humanitarian, and a visionary. An inventive and original thinker, churning out amazing and creative solutions to societal problems. He previously worked in Customer Care & Operations – The Consumer Goods & Services Ombud (CGSO) Consumer Customer Service.

In addition Eugene has worked as South African Regional Manager for 3 global toxicology laboratories & companies, providing Drug & Alcohol Drug Testing services on maritime vessels visiting South Africa ports.

SA Mobile Drug Testing complements the global services that he is involved in.



From 2000 to 2007 Daphne Bradbury was CEO of the South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS). She is an acknowledged international expert on drug testing policy, and testing standards and procedures.

She was also a member of The IADA International Project Team, The International Review Panel for International Anti-Doping Code Standards and Testing Procedures and The Management Working Committee of the International Association of National Anti-Doping Organizations (ANADO) responsible for doping control and drug testing services, representing Organizations from over 50 countries worldwide.

From 2009 until 2013 she was Project Co-Ordinator and Consultant for Africa for IDTM, the largest independent anti-doping organization in the world.

Currently she consults to organizations and mines in respect of the development and implementation of drug testing policy, systems, practice and procedures. She is a member of the Western Cape Sports Mediation and Arbitration Forum.



Paul Kruger (Traditional Chinese Medicine) BSocSci, is a specialist in the field of substance abuse and has assisted numerous clients during the past twenty years in overcoming their addiction using the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with advances in Orthomolecular Medicine. He is a pioneer in breaking with tradition and advancing new workable solutions to the growing drug and alcohol abuse in South Africa and globally.

His theoretical studies has given him the awareness to grasp both the physical, emotional and spiritual impact that drug and alcohol abuse has on substance users and their family members. His extensive experience in this field includes the management of an international rehabilitation centre in Johannesburg, involvement with establishing community based treatment structures in disadvantaged communities, the training of government officials within various government departments, author of the Certainty In Change Enhanced Mind Mapping and motivational interviewing series and co-designer of micro therapy medical devices used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries. He is also a specialist consultant in providing internet based solutions to EAP programmes when dealing with substance abuse in the workplace.



Craig has always had a deep passion for healthcare and employee health and wellbeing. Having studied Emergency Medicine and worked for Netcare for a number of years, Craig moved to the UK where he worked in healthcare market research for a number of local and international organisations, encompassing new medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies. After nearly 10 years abroad Craig has returned to South Africa with a purpose to make the lives of ordinary South Africans better through ensuring company OHS and employee wellness programs are implemented and adhered to.