We are a proudly South African company and have the expertise you need.

SA Mobile drug testing provides drug and alcohol testing services, to companies and private individuals.


Our services are available to:

  • Large Corporate Companies & Small Business
  • Logistic, transport and construction companies
  • Schools, Universities and Higher Learning Centres
  • Private homes and individuals*

We utilise the latest drug testing products including:

  1. Urine based screen tests for multiple drugs of abuse
  2. Hair sample test kits
  3. Alcohol Breathalysers
  • All ‘non-negative’ tests are referred, where appropriate, for further analysis to our   toxicology forensic specialist laboratory for final testing and confirmation.
  • All tests include a Chain of Custody form. This is done for control purposes and aids in tracking tests.
  • All laboratory verified test results stand up to legal scrutiny.