Our SAMDT tests include:

  • 5 or 6 or 7 or 10 & 12 panel Urine Screening cups ┬áChain of Custody documents (COC) – (legally defensible)
  • A consent form that the donor must sign.
  • Voluntary Medical declaration

Our teams

Medical Waste
IPWIS registered
WIR: Dl 0827-01
IPWIS NUMBER: W401005266

Responsible disposal. All our used screening equipment is collected by COMPASS / BCL MEDICAL WASTE for incineration and Disposal. We are registered as a waste generator with The Integrated Pollutant and Waste Information System developed by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning for the Western Cape Government.

Questions Answers
Do you have a Drug & Alcohol policy? Legally you cannot proceed unless you have a policy in place. Yes or No
Do you have a Drug & Alcohol policy? Legally you cannot proceed unless you have a policy in place. Suspicion based testing may be done if it is affecting your business or pose a risk to other employees on Health and Safety grounds.
Why use the Chain of Custody (COC) procedure? It records the date, time, place and outcome of the test, for HR records.
Why do we require a voluntary consent form? To protect all parties, Testers, Company, and Donor.
What if they refuse to take the test? Refusal can be regarded as an admission of guilt.
What if the donor is on medication? A Medical declaration is signed which may affect the outcome of test.
How do we become legally compliant? We suggest that you implement a policy immediately. This policy document will then be added as an addendum to their work contract or letter of appointment.We have a policy consultant service available.
What are the most popular choice of drugs? The most abused drugs are THC/Dagga/ and or OPI /MOP (Over the counter medication.)
What happens with a Zero Tolerance approach? A ban will be placed on all drugs, soft and hard substances. Once you have a policy in place, you may follow the normal disciplinary procedures leading to dismissal.
What normally happens when a donor tests positive / non-negative? You may find that some of the staff will resign if they have a problem. You may implement dismissal proceedings or a disciplinary process.
What procedure do you follow when the screening cup tests Non- Negative (Positive)? When a test is positive it is advisable to send the specimen to a toxicology laboratory for further confirmation tests.

Please note that you cannot terminate the services of a staff member if you do not have a Drug and Alcohol (D&A) policy in place.